Kidney Infection Symptoms

There are so many sorts of disease which arises as a result of infections. The most common reasons for infections are pathogenic bacteria and viruses. Bacterial infections can be cured using various types of antibiotics but you cannot control viruses even with the help of antibiotics. Viruses are more dangerous than viruses and need more attention. Infections also affect kidneys and in this situation, you will experience a lot of pain in your lower backside. Although there are so many reasons behind the lower back pain like spine misalignment, lungs, muscle pull, kidney stones, etc. But Kidney Infection happens overnight and increases in pain overnight.
Kidneys infections are caused by bacteria called E. coli which spread to the kidneys from the bladder or the urethra. It is also called Pyelonephritis or renal infection. For those of you who are not aware of the term urethra, it is a tube that provides a way to transport urine outside the body from the bladder. Kidney infection is such a severe problem that if it is left untreated it would damage your kidneys and as a result put your life in trouble. Around 0.028% to 0.035% of people in the United Kingdom get affected with kidney infections every year.

Who are under threat?

1. Children who are at or below the age of two,
2. Pregnant women,
3. Individuals 60 years of age or above.

Types of Kidney Infections

Basically, we divide kidney infections into two categories:

Complicated kidney infection: This is an extreme type of infection that causes a lot of pain in lower backside. If it is left untreated causes severe complications leading to life-threatening.

Uncomplicated kidney infection: This is a small infection and even the patient feels a healthy life and very low pain.

Kidney Infection Symptoms:

The most common symptoms of Kidney infections are as under:

Nausea – Relates to your stomach and unease within it causes vomiting.

Back pain – Patient feels pain in the lower backside just near the hip.

Shivering – Mostly uncontrollable shaking of the body.

Pain in the groin – The patient will feel mild or severe pain in the area of your hip between your thigh and stomach. Groin area encompasses five muscles, namely adductor brevis, adductor Magnus, pectineus, adductor longus, gracilis. Severe pain while patient urinates. Fever usually in a range of high temperature of 38 ºc or 100.4ºf or above

Cloudy urine or bloody urine – Bloody urine comes when the patient is also suffering from a bladder infection. It is also called urethritis or cystitis.

Burning sensation in the urine – So much pain causes patient reluctant to urinate, Feeling sick, Lower abdominal pain

It is strongly recommended to consult your physician or doctor to identify kidney infection symptoms. The doctor will guide you in deciding which medicines are best for you. Remember, early diagnosis is crucial because kidney infection spread quite quickly usually within a few hours. If you are ignoring kidney infection by taking some homemade treatments, you are playing with your life and there is no alternative to a healthy life. Sooner you react, the better health you will enjoy.