Aadhar Biometric Update Form

All over the world, the biometric system is used to make the identification process effective, foolproof & secure. Actually, it is the measurement & statistical analysis of human beings. Like the rest of the world, the Indian Government uses a biometric system to make the identification process simple & secure.
In India, residents are enrolled via aadhar centers from here https://www.eaadhar.download/ free of cost. The purpose of offering free eaadhar download card is to promote people to take interest as much as possible.

As biometric is done for eyes & fingers, there is a strong need to have them up to date once any changes occur. When your child crosses the age of five years, you have to take him along with you in any aadhar center from the biometric update. Apart from this, you have to visit aadhar centers after every ten years to update their fingerprints & Iris scan. All you have to do is to fill the aadhar biometric update form to complete the process.

There are three main elements in aadhar biometric update form. Photograph, fingerprints of all ten fingers & iris or eye scan. When you visit an aadhar download center, ask staff for aadhar biometric update record. The staff will give you the form and will guide you accordingly. The fees for the biometric updates are 50 rupees inclusive of GST. You have to fill the form and enter the aadhar number. The staff will take your new photograph, finger prints & eye scan. Once all details are filled, you will be given an acknowledgment slip to track your application status.

Normally, biometric records are immediately updated but in some cases, connection problems or connectivity problems to UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India) database may render the service slow or time taking. The chances of these types of errors are very minor due to the continuous effort of UIDAI to make the aadhar system reliable and secure.