Aadhar Card Update

The government of India gives a lot of importance to people. So, their registration is the number one task in the Government's mind. It wants to make the registration process simple, easy and cheap. In order to achieve this, it set up an entity called UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India).

UIDAI performs the task of people's registration using various aadhar card enrollment centre in the country. Being an applicant, you can easily apply for Aadhar from any of the centers. Aadhar which is your identity is issued to every resident Indian by submission of required documents. There are no fees attached to the enrollment process. All are free, so people are at peace of mind while applying for eaadhar. Aadhar is a 12 digit unique number.
Sometimes people at the time of enrollment does not take things seriously. This leads to an error at the time of data entry. Either spelling mistake, address mistake or date of birth error creates problems for you in the future.

Apart from this, when women get married, changes are required in the name & address. Name change occurs due to the husband's name added in the name field. Whatever is the reason, this requires an Aadhar card update.

Documents Required in Aadhar Card Update

Like new registration, whenever you need to change Aadhar details, you have to submit original documents. These documents are returned back after taking a scan.

Normally, the following documents are required in order to take effect name change:

1. Passport (this is your identity outside India, so for change, this also works in Aadhar Centre).

2. Voter ID (this is the same card you use to cast vote in the general election for choosing your Lok Sabha candidate).

3. Ration Card - Which is issued to the household for purchasing grains at a subsidized rate. This is issued by the State Government in India through Public Distribution System under an act of National Food Security.

4. Driving License - this also helps you in the Aadhar card update because it carries a photo identity. In India, these are issued by RTOs. As you have already verified your details & address for driving license, UIDAI does not want again these documents from you. You only need to submit the driving license.

5. PAN Card - Also called Permanent Account Number - it is a 10 digit unique number that contains both alphabet and numeric characters. It is issued by the Income Tax Department. As it serves the purpose of identity verification, the Aadhar card update can be done using this.

6. Marriage Certificate - In case of a newly married woman, her Aadhar Card update requires submission of the marriage certificate. This makes UIDAI give effect to name & address change.

7. Photo Credit Card - If you have a credit card that accompanies your photo, then it can also be used as a best document to update your Aadhar card. Please keep in mind that not every credit card will suffice the UIDAI requirement’s as often people use virtual credit cards printed on normal laminated paper. This cannot be used for the aadhar card update.